Heat speed DLC-MCPCBTM through some test in advance of customer and try out, get very good appraisal. International leading LED chip manufacturers are by the test of DLC-MCPCBTM products of speeding to heat, objective conclusions offered are: In the intersection of ambient temperature and 20oC, LED electric current test, under the terms, use heat speed DLC-MCPCBTM for contrast of 1.7A, can improve solder joint effectively temperature 10 degree about, can improve LED to form warmly, the forming preventing chip heat from gathering, increase service life and dependability of LED. Heat sped the products have already been recommended in the lighting scheme of applying to XLamp chip XB-D and XT-E to the customer. Burn international name lighting manufacturer gallop across heat the circuit board LEXQ6WP of DLC-MCPCBTM in a situation that single one drove to 10W, compared with copper base edition of hexagon of present 1mm, the temperature will be low and about 4 degrees that there is not the radiator under situation of the fan.


DLC-MCPCBTM super heat conduction performance that the Taiwanese customer speeds to heat, propose redesigning the existing products, more intensive arrangement of the chip, reduce the area of the circuit board, design the more small and more exquisite radiator, thus save the cost of the whole. Employ: The projection is lighted The medical use is lighted The tunnel is lighted The stage is lighted The open air is lighted The car lights