KS-200-LP LD/PD automatic alignment system

Adjusted to optimize the position of the optical fiber junction photodiode and laser diode is a device for fixing YAG laser welding. Our application software CockPit (Patent No.3456524), standardized systems and automated docking Pikusachisofuto, application software and a variety of LD / PD can be supported.


Device mechanism 12 Axis Automatic (your special specifications are available)
*LD/PD interchangeable fiber chuck
Control Software Motion Control Cockpit (additional type optical tracking software)
Computer built in device Motor control board / A/D board / image board
Stepping motor driver 12 Axis(corresponding to micro)
O/E converter Optical power of optical fiber voltage conversion
I / O relay BOX YAG and air control valves, etc.
Anti-Shake base/Protective cover Protective cover with arm and mounting Anti-Shake base
Computer WindowsPC
Items Distance Resolution
Movement of LD/PD X stage ±15mm 0.025μm
Z stage ±15mm 0.025μm
θstage ±60° 0.00005°
Movement of fiber Z stage ±15mm 0.025μm
θstage ±105° 0.00005°
Movement of the sleeve Z stage ±15mm 0.025μm
Movement of the YAG Z stage ±50mm 0.025μm
F stage ±10mm 0.025μm