High-Speed IAD Vacuum Thin film Deposition Equipment. Shincron has been the leading company in vacuum coating industrial. MIC-1350 serial suitable for AR, DBR ODR film in optical, LED and touch pannel industial product.


1. Through Optical film thickness meter which design by Shincron, accruracy of film thickness can be less ±1%. IAD’s current distrubition up to 110um/cm2 2. Reflection Index of TiO2 can be up to 2.4 3. Absortion rate of SiO2 can be lower than 1E-4 4. Tack time of ODR process (including Al) is less than 180 min 5. Tack time of DBR (around 15 pairs) is less than 180 min 6. Throughput of 2″” wafer is up to 55k pcs/Month