RAS Sputter Thin Film Deposition Equipment. RAS serial is a sputter thin film deposition coater developed through our unique Radical Assisted Sputtering (RAS) technology, which enables high quality thin optical films with no wavelength shift to be cosistently produces at low temperatures. This medium-sized device can form functional films, i including decorative and nitride films.


1. With the proprietary Radical Assisted Sputtering (RAS) method, the RAS Series deposits high quality and highly-reproducible optical thin film with no wavelength shift at a low temperature,including functional thin film such as decorative film and nitride film. 2. Reproducible thin film with an intermediate refraction index is obtained by the mixing of material with a high refraction index and that with a low refraction index. 3.Functional thin film including nitride film and decorative thin film is available, The load lock system continues to supply the stable quality of deposited film. 4. The equipment has an environmentally-aware design with increased deposition efficiency and is downsized for CO2 reduction, The work burden of maintenance and cleaning is reduced dramatically from conventional vapor deposition systems. 5. With an area of deposited film of about 0.7m2, the coefficient of variation of the coating thickness is kept under 0.5%. 6. The automatic sputtering control system automates the process of sputtering.