The 9th Int’l LED Lighting Exposition, June 18-20,2013

Led by backlight and lighting application, the production value of Taiwan LED component and lighting application is expected to grow beyond 5 billion US dollars. For the three-day show of Taiwan LED lighting Taiwan exhibition, exhibitors will showcase LED wafer, chip, packaged components and downstream lighting products along with various materials and equipment to present the comprehensive LED supply chain in Taiwan, giving buyers the best benefit of one-stop shopping platform.

Major Exhibits

1) LED Lighting Fixture
■ for Indoor, Outdoor, Specialty, Solar 
■ for Decorating, Landscape, Architecture,Garden 
■ Control System & Accessories 

2) LED Applications 
■ Automotive Lamps, Backlight, 
■ Display Board, Traffic Signal, IrDA, etc. 

3) Package / Module 
■ Lamp, Digital, Dot Matrix, Cluster, SMD, etc. 

4) Epi Wafer, Chip
5) Materials 
■Substrate, Ingot, Phosphor, Epoxy, Lead Frame, etc. 

6) Processing Equipment 
■ Wafer (MOCVD, Mask, Etching) 
■ Assembly (Dicing, Bonding, Packaging) 
■ Testing (Prober, Aging)