WOP FemtoGLASS Laser Dicing Machine

A unique state-of-art glass and sapphire dicing technology, ability to minimize sidewall stress and crack to semiconductors, microfluidics and micro-optics. It featured patented glass & sapphire dicing technology, can do the ultra- thin glass to 10mm thin glass cutting and possibly shaping all the types: circular, square and irregular.


1. Maximum cutting size : 200x200mm
2. Glass thickness : 30um~2000um
3. Cutting shape: straight line / circle / curve / any shapes
4. Cutting speed : Max. 800 mm/sec.
5. Singulation process: heat / break / expend based on application material characteristics
6. The inner and outer contours can be retained after cutting
7. Frontside chipping / Backside chipping : <10um
8. Application materials: tempered (non-tempered) glass /glass with coating layers / quartz / sapphire

* Courtesy of WOP